John Jantsch asked his readers today to answer 2 questions: What is the easiest part of marketing? What is the hardest part of marketing? And it got me thinking…


I would have to say:

1. The hardest part of marketing is doing it on a consistent basis.

2. The easiest part of marketing is doing it on a consistent basis.

No, I didn’t mistype. I really believe consistency is the easiest and the hardest part. It is the easiest because once you create a routine, it is very simple to continue a routine. It is the hardest because you have to create that routine.

consistency is the key, consistent

For a simplistic example: You brush your teeth every morning and every night (just an assumption…).

I’m sure when you first started doing this, it was difficult to remember (just like doing marketing every day will be difficult at first). But, once you got into the routine, remembering to brush them took little to no effort. Marketing is the same! The more days in a row you put away 20 minutes a day to spend on marketing, the easier it will be to do in the future.

Remember, marketing is all about repetition. Just as you can’t expect to keep your teeth clean if you only brush them once a year, you can’t expect marketing to work if you only do it once a year!

What do you think? What are the easiest and hardest parts of marketing?