social media, demise of google plus, content creation

Reportedly, Google is separating itself from Google Plus. The social network boasted clean, easy features and greater satisfaction from its users than Facebook, but it could not solve the problem of getting enough people to migrate over to regularly use the Google Plus platform.

What’s the lesson here?

Whether you were an active user of Google Plus or not – the potential demise of Google Plus illustrates exactly why it is so important to house your custom created content on your website — not just on third party / social sites. It can be devastating for a business to put all their efforts into a medium — building up a fan base of thousands – with hundreds of brilliant content posts — only to have the platform die (MySpace, Google+) or see massive change in service terms (Facebook) or dramatic changes in how the technology is used (Twitter, FourSquare).

Your website should act as your “home office” of all lead generation. It should be the center of your online marketing universe.  Then when you create content, you can first post it to your website and then share it elsewhere on the web.  That will direct people back to your website to learn more about you – and perhaps even sign up for your email newsletter.

social media, demise of google plus, content creation

Social media is great for giving your brand a voice, but its primary purpose should be to drive traffic to your site.  Put the teaser on Twitter, but keep the main content on your blog. Post your videos on Youtube, but embed the video in your website and share the website link instead of the YouTube link.  Don’t leave your content vulnerable to the whims of the ever-evolving social site’s business models.

Google has told its users that Google Plus will still be around as a social network, but it’s no longer required for people to have a Google Plus account to use services such as YouTube. The future of Google Plus is still uncertain, but the future of your business doesn’t have to be.