summer schedule, ebook writing, goal setting

Summer is flying by!

What’s your approach to a summer schedule? Do you relax into the longer, lazier days? Or do you use the slower time in business to get prepared for the coming surge of activity that seems to hit hard in the fall? (At least it does for most of my clients!) Personally, I think summer is a great time to recharge. Here in Wisconsin, the winters are long and the days are short. Summer means getting outside and being active. My body craves sunshine and movement and VACATION. But your summer schedule is also a time to get ahead. While everyone else is relaxing, you are planning and preparing and focusing on long-term goals.

Can you write an eBook?

I wrote an article a while back called “Summer Ebook Writing”, for The Partner Channel Magazine (you can find it on page 40), setting out the challenge for you to write an eBook for your business. It’s not that hard. Anyone can do it. The challenge is getting started.

How else can you get prepared? Use this time to get the edge on your competition. I challenge you to make room for one thing above all else… growth. Things that will pay off in the long run instead of just the quick wins. Look at:

  • What systems in your business are weak and need to be improved?
  • Where are you spending too much time?
  • What could / should be delegated?
  • Can you build some marketing assets that will pay off long term?
  • Can you start a blog?
  • Create a YouTube channel?
  • Write a book?
  • Do you need to revamp your website? 

Also look at your habits.

This last year, I’ve spent a ton of time and money studying Brendon Burchard’s Experts Acadamy and High-Performance Academy trainings. If I learned one thing it’s that success comes from the tiny things. Drinking water. Getting enough sleep. Eating healthy food. Staying focused on the big picture. Taking steps toward long-term goals.

One small thing I’ve added to my summer schedule is meditating every day. How about you? What’s one thing you can change in your summer routine to help you get ahead? Summer will be over before you know it so start making those changes now!


summer schedule, ebook writing