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In our efforts to be lead generation marketing machines, sometimes we forget to do the most obvious little things — like promoting newsworthy information in our signature line. Here’s a good example of making good use of your email signature in transactional (regular office communication) emails. Thank you Sarah Salzman from Interdyn Artis for being a good example of how to do it right.

email signature, email marketing, lead generation

If your company runs events, has a newsletter, has a blog, has a Facebook page, has a Twitter profile, has a sale, has a referral program, has demos that can be viewed – ANY AND ALL of these can be promoted in your email signature line — but perhaps not all at once. Here are some tips for getting started.

1. Start with the basics. Make sure everyone in your company is using the same format for their email signature. Try to keep the basics (name, phone, etc.) to four lines or less.

2. Create a standard reply email too. I like to include just name, email and phone number. That way if your email gets forwarded to someone who doesn’t have your contact info — they’ll now have it.

3. Varying your signature line will make people notice it more. Once the baseline is standardized, play with varying whatever it is you are promoting. You might notice that some promotions work better than others.

4. Come up with a schedule to vary the promotions. You could make the changes weekly, monthly or quarterly. Having a schedule reminds you of when to start the promotions.

A simple schedule might look something like this:

  • Jan-April – Promote Microsoft Convergence
  • May-July – Promote Microsoft Fiscal Year End Promotions
  • August-October – Showcase Your On-Demand Demos
  • November-December – Promote Year-End Closing Events

5. Host pictures externally. If you want to show a picture in your email signature, make sure to host it on an external site. Don’t just embed it into the email — it won’t show up correctly. Instead, load your photo or logo onto your web server or any publicly available photo sharing site like Photobucket, Google Photos, or Flickr.  I’m also a fan of Wisestamp for branding yourself through email and promoting your latest blog post.

6. Test all links and images to make sure they work. Send an email to your personal account, and check it from a different computer to make sure everything works as expected.

Here’s my standard email signature.

email signature, email marketing, lead generation

What do you promote in your signature?