There’s an old adage that instructs us the “make hay while the sun is shining.” It dates back to the 1500s when farmers literally had to make their own hay by cutting, drying, and gathering it by hand. But wet hay is of no use to a farmer, so if the day was hot and the sun was shining, the hay had to be made. This is meant to encourage us to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Don’t procrastinate! There’s no guarantee that the sun will shine again tomorrow. As they say in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming!”

make hay

1. Make hay with your creative work!  it’s important to know when you do your best work. We’ve talked about this idea of maximizing your own creativity before in previous blog posts, but it’s worth restating. Focus more of your energy on when you’re most likely to get on a roll, and then do everything you can to take advantage of it. For me personally, I do best when I follow my morning routine with a healthy breakfast, meditation, writing and then formulating my plan for the day. I put my creative work (whenever possible) in the morning and reserve the afternoons for meetings. Sometimes “the muse” will strike me at an odd hour. I know that I have to write my idea down that minute – even if it’s 3 a.m. – or the idea will be gone forever.

2. Make hay with your accomplishments! Let’s say you win a big award from Microsoft. How can you spread that news far and wide in the best possible way to benefit your business? Or imagine you are asked to be a keynote speaker at an upcoming conference – what can you do to promote your role at the conference and then create assets you can use afterward? Can you take pictures or video that can live in your portfolio forever?

3. Make hay with your sales and marketing success.  When salespeople are on fire, nothing can stop them. If you have a hot product or a hot month, do everything in your power to maximize it. Make more phone calls. The scent of success draws prospects right in. You have confidence; keep it going! If your marketing campaign is working, start adding more fuel (money and resources). Not every campaign is a winner, so when you find one, RUN with it! Build on your past success to set yourself up for future ones.

Tony Robbins talks about how when people achieve success – they party or they relax! BIG MISTAKE. You lose the momentum you just created. Of course, you should celebrate your win, but then GET RIGHT BACK TO WORK!

Having trouble making hay in your business? Send me a message and we can talk it out!