Make 'Em Believe, business perceptions


The Badgers Make ‘Em Believe Mantra

Rumor has it we have a pretty good basketball team here in Madison, WI.  With the start of March Madness over the weekend, the Wisconsin Badgers are national favorites to make another deep run in the tournament this year. This season held a lot of high expectations for the Badgers, a program that has historically flown under the radar with consistent regular season play, yet disappointing post season results. Because of these past perceptions, the Badgers adopted the “Make ‘Em Believe” mantra, in reference to those that dare doubt the success of this team.

But suddenly, there aren’t many doubters left.

This year, the Badgers are not the beloved underdogs, facing an uphill battle. They are one of the top seeds with a target on their backs. They have changed the way others see them through hard work and undeniable results.


Make 'Em Believe, business perceptions

You Need to Make ‘Em Believe in Your Business Too

What’s your business facing right now? What kind of perceptions do people have about you? Are you an underdog, with a lot of hard work ahead and not a lot of support? Or are you thriving and looking for ways to build on your past success? Use these perceptions to your advantage; if you don’t like them, change them! If you do, work hard to maintain or exceed them. Wherever you are, don’t get complacent. March Madness is notorious for the unpredictable upsets, when a lower seeded team that nobody’s heard of has just enough drive, talent, and luck to take down a powerhouse team that may have taken its position for granted.

If you’re in a position where you feel like you are unknown and ignored, take a cue from this group of young, college boys and make ‘em believe! And if you’ve already reached the top, be careful not to give in to the desire to take it easy. Keep working to maintain the high standard you’ve built up.

Just like basketball, your business will need strong leadership, a common mission, and teamwork to stay competitive and relevant. The best teams are those where every player shares the same goal and pursues that goal every day, together. Take time to get your business on the same page now and it’ll save a lot of time down the road.

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