Low cost marketing strategies

Are you looking for low budget marketing strategies?

Does it feel hard to get your name out there?

Not sure where to start?

I hear you. Whether I’m teaching a marketing training class, or working 1:1 with my marketing consulting clients, so many small business owners feel like their business is invisible.

How do you stand out in a crowded market place, when there are so many other companies who seem to do the same thing you do?

Right now, I am working diligently to launch Tornado Marketing Bootcamps, which will offer self-paced marketing training courses. As part of this new aspect to my business, I’m making available for FREE a course I created called:

Low Cost Marketing Strategies:

10 Ways to go from Invisible to Impactful

Low Cost Marketing Strategies






Now, it’s not perfect.  The audio has some issues (especially in this preview video). And this course is being hosted on a new platform that I’m just learning.

As I say to my clients frequently, “Progress beats perfection.”

The content though? It’s goooood!

Self-paced Marketing Training

Each lesson has a 2-3 minute video and a worksheet. That’s it!

Originally, I released one lesson a day, but (THANKS NETFLIX!) I quickly learned that some people like to binge-digest their training, so while that MAY not be the best strategy for implementing your marketing tactics, you can see all the lessons and when you’re ready, go back and decide which one you’ll do first.

Any one of these 10 marketing ideas could take your business to a whole new level – maybe even be a million dollar idea.

Most of these marketing strategies cost NOTHING… except for of course, some time.

So, what I’d like to ask is, “Will you, my dear loyal followers, please subscribe and be my beta testers? Let me know what you love and what could be improved? 

THANK YOU all so much!!!

Adrianne Machina