Marketers have long known that LinkedIn is the best place for B2B social media marketing.

I often tell the story of getting a $50,000 contract, which went from call-to-closed in less than 24 hours, all because we’d met one time at a conference and kept in touch on LinkedIn. While your best LinkedIn story might not be that dramatic, LinkedIn is a great way to find new partners, new clients and get new ideas.

It’s just that until now, LinkedIn was SO BORING!

looking good, linkedin

It was all suit-and-tie. No cocktails served. Coupled with an ample amount of creepy spammers to steer clear of.

I’m happy to report that LinkedIn’s most recent round of changes looks good – esthetically pleasing AND good for business!

LinkedIn Profile Cover Picture

Talk about getting a personality upgrade! Thank you LinkedIn for allowing people to spice up their LinkedIn profile, in the same way that Facebook did with Facebook Cover Photo. While you can use this picture to be the company branded cheerleader, you can also use it as a conversation starter.

Have you been to Paris? Do you speak French? Would you be willing to go train our French team? Yes, Yes and YESSSS!!!

looking good, linkedin

LinkedIn Home Page Wall

Hello Facebook! Errrr…LinkedIn… I love that the people, groups, and companies you follow get aggregated into one spot. I spend 5-15 minutes every morning reading through and commenting on the updates.

Congrats on the new job! That software upgrade is going to make my life sooooo much easier. Here’s how I solved that problem.

LinkedIn Authored Posts

What a great idea! For a long time, marketers have been able to feed blog posts into LinkedIn, but now LinkedIn has made it easier, so users don’t have to leave the LinkedIn environment and they can grow their authority within LinkedIn, in addition to their blog.

looking good, linkedin

What’s your favorite new LinkedIn feature?