Some people can take an immediate leap from business vision to action.

They decide they want to work remotely while traveling the world…

Or stop selling software and become a yoga teacher…

Or move to a new city…

If you don’t have a lot of responsibilities – clients, mortgage, friends and family members, you may be able to take action almost immediately.

For some of us, this sudden leap would feel very out of integrity.

Clients depend on us.

We have appointments scheduled months out.

We need time to plan.

How can we hold onto that new life or business vision, while honoring our existing commitments?



For many years, I’ve had two notebooks – one for Tornado Marketing / Adrianne Machina stuff, and another for client work. I also have two whiteboards, and separate to-do lists.

I’ve had a vision to move my site over to New Kajabi and host more of my marketing training programs online…for over TWO YEARS. YIKES!

My problem isn’t that I didn’t have a business vision. It’s that I didn’t have my vision on the schedule. Everything else got tackled first.

My clients.

My kids.

My friends.

My workouts.

Putzing on house projects.

Volunteer work.

The list is endless. Every day, I put everyone else’s priorities ahead of mine. I kept pushing the snooze button on my plans, which is a sure recipe for losing the energy around a project.

Here’s my brilliant idea.

It’s a captain obvious idea. What if I spend the 90-minutes of my day focused on my priorities?! If I need to get up earlier, that’s what I’ll do. But that will give me an opportunity to do those things that feed my soul, and that I also believe that my online marketing training programs will benefit small business owners who can’t afford a marketing consulting firm. Win-win!

I’m going to commit to doing this work every day for the next 30-days, and will check in with you. I’d also love to hear your ideas of how you keep your vision alive when you can’t accomplish it overnight. Please share in the comments below!