hold yourself accountable, marketing goals

Take some time to reevaluate and get back on track with what you promised yourself at the start of this year!

Hold yourself accountable today, right now.

Too many people put off what is important and act as though the time needed to accomplish a goal will present itself in the future without having to prepare. We tell ourselves well-intentioned lies… I will eat healthier tomorrow. I’ll start exercising next week. I’ll save money next month. Maybe I’ll finish my book next year.

But unless you have a plan in place, and clearly defined action steps, it is unlikely you will reach your goals. And in the meantime, you are missing out on the benefits you could be having today.

If this is the way you are treating your marketing plan then you are missing out on:

  • Finding new prospects
  • Building strong relationships with customers
  • Increasing profits
  • Staying ahead of your competitors

It is time to make a commitment and hold yourself and your team accountable. FOCUS on what is important, CONNECT with your target market and GROW your business.


Focus on the needs and desires of your ideal client.

Focus on being in the same places they are.

Focus on how THEY want to communicate with you.

Focus on being “one of them” – and not some outsider that’s just trying to sell them something.

With focus, you’ll naturally STOP chasing dead ends and spreading yourself too thin. Online marketing strategies have become increasingly complex with a never-ending array of options – and literally MILLIONS of ways to get distracted from what really matters.  

Social media ADD anyone?! I should start a support group!

It is important to keep up with marketing trends so you can maintain a competitive edge, but before implementing a new marketing strategy or campaign make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.  (I wrote a fantastic article – 7 Questions to Ask Before Taking on a New Marketing Activity in The Partner Channel magazine. Check it out. Page 38.)

If you have strayed too far into testing and trying new things, redirect your energy into what has consistently worked for your company. If you’ve been trying to get new clients from Twitter for a year now, and it just isn’t working, then switch 100% of your focus to LinkedIn.

You don’t have to do it all, you just have to do what works! #socialmedia


Relationship marketing / relationship selling has never been more important.  Buyers are savvy to marketing gimmicks and are bored by generic marketing messages.

  • According to the University of Dayton, 59% of B2B decision makers have used smartphones to research products and services before considering purchases. If this isn’t your target market now, then that may change in 2015 with the increased popularity of mobile searches. Be ready to engage with your audience in new ways.


In order to grow you need to know what works and what doesn`t work. The only way to know is to measure the results of your marketing efforts. Do you already know where you are putting your marketing dollars? According to a report by Forrester Research, all industries are expected to spend nearly 26% of all advertising dollars on interactive marketing.

If this the direction your business is moving, then be sure to have an effective way to measure your results. Invest in what works for your company and next year will be a year of growth.