Best Year Ever Michael Hyatt

I’m planning the BEST YEAR EVER!

This year, I’m celebrating a milestone birthday… so I decided to kick off the year by attending Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever live event in Nashville TN. If you’re interested in learning more, he also has a book and a course that follow the same format.

(with less hugging and high fives.)

When I got back, I immediately shared my 3 biggest takeaways on Facebook.

3 Lessons from Best Year Ever Live

1. Over-commitment kills success.

Say no! Be confident new opportunities will arise again. I can personally attest to falling for this… over and over again. I love new projects, new opportunities, new friendships, new notebooks. But the truth is… Too much stuff makes a messy house. Too many commitments make a messy life. I resolve to say “NO” unless I can firmly say, “HELL YES!”

2. LEAP! 

The longer you wait to jump into action, the less likely you are to achieve your goals. Oh, but the dreaming, and plotting and planning… I’m excellent at getting other people to leap. I guess it’s one of the reasons coaches need coaches. What we do for others, we can’t always do quite as effectively for ourselves. Our excuses seem logical… until they’re repeated by someone else. One thing Mel Robbins talks about all the time is just taking the first step. One small action can move you out of inertia.

3. Stop Over-planning

Too many details is just fancy procrastination. This is actually one area I naturally thrive at. I’ve created too many marketing plans in my life that just collect dust. Create a reasonable marketing plan and marketing calendar, then start DOING THE MARKETING.

Getting into Action

I was all fired up for my BEST YEAR EVER and then ….well, life showed up. Watch and see what I mean.

I’m hoping all of us can have the best year ever.

Then… by stringing a few years together, we can create the BEST LIFE EVER, right?!