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Niche Marketing: Specialists vs Generalists

When I’m writing content for my B2B Marketing Consulting Services clients, they often want to market themselves as a full-service technology provider. As an IT generalist, they are “one throat to choke” if something goes wrong. A single point of accountability. Recently I needed technical support. For hours, I was bounced between 3 different service […]

UW SBDC Digital Marketing Conference 2019

UW SBDC Digital Marketing Conference Get excited about your marketing. Learn how to get results! On April 30, 2019, the UW-Madison Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is hosting a one-day conference for marketing professionals and small business owners. Come out. Have fun. Learn from hands-on marketing professionals. (We’ve all worked with 100s of clients.)  […]

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Websites

Is your website hurting you or helping you? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Maybe most of your leads come in through referral. Did the prospect also go look at your website? Almost definitely YES. Are you using your website to its fullest potential? Almost definitely NOT. That’s actually pretty normal. Websites and online marketing offer […]

Leap from Business Vision to Action

Some people can take an immediate leap from business vision to action. They decide they want to work remotely while traveling the world… Or stop selling software and become a yoga teacher… Or move to a new city… If you don’t have a lot of responsibilities – clients, mortgage, friends and family members, you may […]

Best Year Ever with Michael Hyatt

I’m planning the BEST YEAR EVER! This year, I’m celebrating a milestone birthday… so I decided to kick off the year by attending Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever live event in Nashville TN. If you’re interested in learning more, he also has a book and a course that follow the same format. (with less hugging and high […]

Summer Schedule!

Summer is flying by! What’s your approach to a summer schedule? Do you relax into the longer, lazier days? Or do you use the slower time in business to get prepared for the coming surge of activity that seems to hit hard in the fall? (At least it does for most of my clients!) Personally, […]

Memorable Marketing: How Optical Illusions Spice Things Up

Looking for a little creative inspiration to spice up your memorable marketing efforts?   The whole Mighty Optical Illusions website is pretty fascinating, but particularly their attention-getting ads and billboards sections. You may not be advertising on billboards but certainly, you can get some good ideas for thinking “out of the box” and getting creative with your […]

Building Your Marketing Machine

Many businesses struggle to create consistency in their marketing because they don’t have a marketing machine that will produce leads or identify warm prospects at will. Consulting companies, in particular, are vulnerable to variability in project work – especially in the beginning – but even larger companies can never put their guard down. You can’t […]