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Top 10 Marketing Tips for Websites

Is your website hurting you or helping you? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Maybe most of your leads come in through referral. Did the prospect also go look at your website? Almost definitely YES. Are you using your website to its fullest potential? Almost definitely NOT. That’s actually pretty normal. Websites and online marketing offer […]

Leap from Business Vision to Action

Some people can take an immediate leap from business vision to action. They decide they want work remotely while travelling the world… Or stop selling software and become a yoga teacher… Or move to a new city… If you don’t have a lot of responsibilities – clients, mortgage, friends and family members, you may be […]

Best Year Ever with Michael Hyatt

I’m planning the BEST YEAR EVER! This year, I’m celebrating a milestone birthday… so I decided to kick off the year by attending Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever live event in Nashville TN. If you’re interested in learning more, he also has a book and a course that follow the same format. (with less hugging and high […]

Want Immediate Marketing Results?

Me too! I love quick wins, fast starts, immediate marketing results… BUT… my experience has shown, whether it’s weight loss or marketing, when you first start a new initiative, you exert a ton of energy, but it doesn’t always feel like anything is happening. In fact, sometimes it seems like NOTHING is happening. You may feel […]